Saturday, January 12, 2013

Collection Exposed : Marvel Universe SDCC Sentinel

Having gotten my Sentinel from Toybiz, I am truly satisfied with this big guy from Toybiz. Win hands down for it's paint work and details and articulation. 

Years later, Hasbro took over the production of Marvel Legends, they went into Marvel Universe except they become smaller so that our universe become bigger in scale. They gave us the giants again, beginning with Galactus and now the Sentinel.

Frankly, this guy still cannot match up to the Toybiz version per my personal opinion but he do have his traits. Cleverly packed in a carded form and a huge box packaged with comic art. Boom !!! This is a real toy surprise in a big form.

When you get this guy in package, it is already an exhilarating experience, then the huge carded back and I got blown away.

The figure itself may not be as detail as the prior but he comes with sound and many sounds. Colour tone is great and he is more towards the cartoon version.

There is another retail version but I still prefer this one. Great packaging, big figure and a real toy.

I recommend to get this in mint package even before you open him. It is an experience to just open him out for the first time. How often you get to open such a big action figure out of the box and out of a card back?

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