Sunday, January 20, 2013

History : Action figure of the 90's - WereWolf

Seeing how far toys technology has advanced over the decades leads us to observe the loss and gain of a toy's playability. In our quest of action figures, figures have gain in numbers of articulation, detail sculpting combine with amazing paint application then bundle in a well design package to attract collectors or children.

Over here, I shall make use of this action figure made in the 90's to show a representation of the fun factor of an action figure back then and we can see how far we are now.

Do you still think he is a great figure now? Appreciate it from then and you will not be surprised on such simple tricks fantasize us. It is just imaginably fun besides the pure appearance. He can still win hands down over some figures produced today.

This is what 90's standard kicks in that sets today's level. Give credits to the heroes back then. 


Transform into Werewolf

Face sculpt with simple scratch and hair details 


  1. I like it still but am one that likes simple things with his figures a lot of times too.

  2. Thanks my friend. My thoughts on the progress of toys. Toys are getting more ex nowadays. Fortunately, we started early to see how toys have grown.