Friday, June 5, 2015

Fearsome Rhino of Marvel Legends

Once a upon a time in the middle age of Toybiz Marvel Legends era, there is a Rhino kept within the boxset of the Fearsome Foes of Spiderman and a decade later, he might still be a strong contender over the new age of Marvel Legends. For this, we shall see in the very near future....

Dramatic, it may seems but we will get to see if the new Rhino BAF from Hasbro will beat this guy down or match equal to him.

For now, this Rhino is an awesome representation of sculpt, articulation and size. Standing at aout 7.5 inch tall, he is quite a big figure in his era and even for now. Might even pass of as a BAF size.

For the detail grinning head sculpt featuring the rhino eyes on each side coupled with the detail crumpling skin and sculpted with both hand and toe nails, I would say, it may be hard for many figures to match unless it comes with a hefty production cost.

His strength also comes from his multiple articulations which some I would say it is quite useless. But it can be fun to have it rather than a fixed clench fists or torso.

The only match up figure now should be from Marvel Select Rhino based on the details and its physic is better proportion than this Toybiz version. But rigidity is the killer for Marvel Select Rhino.

For if you happen to come right up to this Rhino, he is one that still worth your penny even til this day.

Happy hunting but no killing.....!

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