Monday, June 23, 2014

What's the Catch? : Waspinator

Just gotten this Waspinator from the Transformers Generations.

Comes with a great comic book and I should say, one very interesting design and reminds me more of what Bumblebee should be.

He has a play gimmick of flapping wings and nice paint applications for the bug eyes and a light piping for his robot eyes. The white somehow reduces the texture on his eyes.

Where articulations are concern, he has the right points for the action that you need except some restrictions on his knee which he bend inwards more than you may prefer. Other than that, he can do some kungfu stunts that you assign him.

A nice Wasp transformation but lacking on his hands dangling on his sides. However, you can try the alternative mode I created which look like the FLY !

He even resembles Kamen Riders in his face sculpt. What a great impersonation feature he has.

#transformers #comics


  1. I like this guy a lot! My only complaint would be that I wish his insect legs could have been a different color.

  2. Love the bright colors on this one.

    1. Yes, he reminds me of what Bumblebee stands for !