Friday, June 12, 2015

Strip down Planet Hulk

Hulk has always been one of the favorite Marvel Characters of all time and with the Avengers streaming on, he is no doubt an indispensable team player.

When Hasbro took over Marvel Legends, they came up with this Planet Hulk and glad this came out well for me. I did not get the full armored Planet Hulk back then until I got hit up with a loose one who is stripped off from his armor.

Even without the detailed armor, Hulk is still a good sized up with detail muscles, sculpted veins and paint washed over his green body. He features a good amount of articulations leading down to his thumb, fingers, ankle rocker and toe pivot which are rarely seen in the "new age" of Marvel Legends. Cast with a grumpy face expression, he still works out for a good face details.

However, the let down to me is only the brown pants which is only paint washed without any detailing and the trimming are just lazy job done. It is always practical to have rip off pants on Hulk with the torn trimmings, if not, it might seems like Hulk wears his pants after his transformation. Wonder such scenes will ever be created?

For a Hulk or Marvel fan, this Hulk shall not disappoint you even without any armor and Hulk does not need any armor. All he need is a pair of good pants to go along.

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