Tuesday, June 16, 2015

When Venom explodes with heads

The popular nemesis of Spiderman, Venom is always an interesting character don by Eddie Brock and many interpretations has been translated into action figures.

After years of transformation, Marvel Select has given us another ultimate version of Venom with a lot to explore.

The removable multiple heads back attachment is well-sculpted with articulation and 2 arms, which fits nicely on to Venom's back. He has 3 sets of Heads, 3 pairs of hands and a pair of arms. These has greatly set him a good standard for changeability.

Standing at about 7.5 inches from head to toe or about 8 inches including the tip of the head from his backpack of heads, he has a good size in the Marvel Selects category.

The hands may seem to be rather fragile but as I have changed the hands for many times, all still fits well without breakage so far. However, mine seems to be suffering from weaker kneels that makes standing an issue. They should have given him a double jointed kneels since he is quite top heavy compares to the regular hinge joints which tends to worn loose after repeated posing. The elbow joints can also be considered for double joint to shaped off the ugly cut elbows.

He is still packed in the regular Marvel Select big packaging and you will noticed that he does not come with a base even though it is stated on the package. He was not given the open jaw head shown in the pictures as it may be cancelled along the way.

Overall, this Venom is successfully upgraded from the previous Toybiz version and kicks in quite a big punch for the fans.

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