Sunday, May 31, 2015

Power of Apocalypse from the Marvel Legends

Nur, now called Apocalypse is an ancient mighty conqueror, who believes in supremacy over humans. When he is here, you better run but in this case, you can grab him!

In the Marvel Legnds of Toybiz in series 7, we have this figure which is big at its time and still do in this hasbro time of marvel legends.

As I have gotten him loose and battle damaged, loosing his cables and base, he is still a piece of art to observe in my opinion. Looking at the trends of Marvel legends, we may not be getting a better Apocalypse, both in this scale and BAF (Build-A-Figure). He has conquered both magnitude.

At this scale of 7.5 inch, with a unique spring-like stomach joint as seen in Juggernaut, couple with articulations including fingers, he is also decked up with the bio-mechanical like sculpting on his hip joints ,arms and on his neck. Such distance of details are still unmatched to this day.

And at this size, he should be classified as a BAF by today's Hasbro BAF scale. Judging from the Iron Monger comparison, may not in terms of comic scale, he is impressive in scale.

Although he is on a bigger size, his shoulders are not wide enough to maximize his might. Rather, he looks squeezed in this aspect and comparing to his BAF counterpart, that puts him to shame.

Overall, he is a good figure to appreciate with the little details being put into. You will have to look closer to realize it is there.

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