Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Mighty Thrasher Suit #Batman

Finally, we have a Batman Thrasher Suit that can match up to Iron Man's Hulkbuster for a clash of the iron between DC and Marvel.

Well, this is not the intention for rivalry and we shall focus on the Thrasher Suit by Greg Capullo.

First up, he looks solid and does feel solid as I hold him which means no hollow plastic. This is good!

Second, fully articulated fingers and we have not seen that since Toybiz time and I think the first in DC action figures. This is great addition to the features.

Third, he is packed with details and a removable head gear.

How cool is that for just 3 pointers.

Where most DC collectibles on the recent releases are fragile in build, this Thrasher Suit Batman has yet to disappoint and I hope he never will.

He does not come with any accessories but with a removable head gear. However, putting on the head gear do not translate to articulation which is not promising for head posing. The head within do have full articulation to turn around and tilted slighting up and down. Somehow, the pale fan boy head sculpt does put me off but I cannot deny that is is a decent good sculpt which adheres to the comics.

Since he does not have any loose accessories, he is sculpted with a utility belt. For a huge robotic suit, how and why do you need a utility belt which makes it difficult for him to access? The size just doe not seems to match up but for some imaginary comic sake, we can forgive it.

The joints looks perfect for a robotic suit that is very mechanical.

Without further a do, let us admire the art of the Thrasher Suit Batman.

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  1. Been thinking about grabbing this one up!

    1. You may want to give it a try. So far does not disappoint yet.