Saturday, May 9, 2015

AIM Soldier of Marvel

It has been quite some time since I posted any Marvel Legends figures and that does not mean I have given up on them. Today, I have the AIM soldier from the Captain America wave and in my opinion, he can be the best figure of the lot although he is just a regular army building character.

Dressed all in yellow but he has lots to show. He came packed with 2 weapons, a rifle and a pistol, and both looks futuristic with details.

He is also strapped with a grenade belt across his chest and wears a bucket shape headgear. To me, it looks more like a biological suit that seems to come for some chemical cleaning.

The mesh details on the eyes of the headgear added a supreme touch to the gear.

However, the cowboy boots which is wearing looks out of place for this AIM Soldier unless the is die-hard Texas Cowboy. But his outfit was done for the Starlord in the Imperative boxset for Guardians of the Galaxy, not the movie edition Starlord.

As for pose-ability, he handles very well for both of his weapons and able to do a kneeling position for his mission.

Amongst the pack, he can be easily outshine but he is more than meets my eyes. Probably yours too!

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