Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Adventures of buidling a Mandroid BAF


Marvel Legends wave have been churning out Build-A-Figure within a set of figures and it has been pretty successful for the toy companies with mature fans reminiscing about the past Toybiz era.

I have quite an adventure building up my Mandroid BAF simply because I did not purchase the set in a single purchase. It was not an intended project but somehow, along the way, things just fall into place.

Mandroid is a practical approach for Hasbro to include him into the Captain America wave. About 50% of the design and body mold derives from Iron Monger BAF. By redesigning the a new body and head, upgrading both arms with similar legs, throwing in a shoulder machine gun and of course the change of plastic color choice completes the Mandroid. Sounds simple but it still takes a lot of effort to get these through.

From this, it makes me appreciate even more for what Toybiz have done in the earlier days where it does not make economic sense now to produce.

If you are familiar with the Iron Monger BAF, the Mandroid articulations are of no difference. The only gripe I have is his head which I have difficulty attaching it down and I cannot make it turn around.

He still have the marble effect for the plastic used and he looks great for an army build up. After Sentinel BAF from Toybiz, Mandroid makes sense to acquire more for an army building if you are crazy about this concept.

Amongst the parts, my experience reveals, the body which came with Black Widow and the head which came with Captain America is the toughest to acquire.

If you want a robot and a dependable one, get him into your Marvel team.

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