Monday, May 4, 2015

Who is Lo'Gosh in the World of Warcraft?

As to who Lo'Gosh is in the World of Warcraft, I shall leave it to your discovery over this site which can explain better than I do. But for here in Daily Toyz, Lo'Gosh is presented as an action figure which is designed by DC Unlimited and has a great stance of a fighting warrior.

He somehow reminds me of Conan or He-Man, probably of his gear and image projected. Well, you can always double him up as a barbarian character or gladiator to fit in your collection.

As he still maintains the great detail standard from series of Warcraft figures, however, mine suffered from a quality control issue. Everything is fine but I am unable to detached his sword handle to be placed in between his right hand to complete the stance.

Since he has a grabbed knuckle, I might as well leave him as it is then risk breaking his sword. Unfortunately, he does not come with any straps on the hips which I can hang his weapon.

Other than what was highlighted, everything is great with this figure for his details, posture and paint job,

Putting this aside, Lo'Gosh is quite a hefty figure and added with some serious details for his facial expressions and gear. There is one weak area that I feel is the lion crest done for his buckle, it looks the lion's head was not done larger to bring up the significance.

The only articulations are both of his knees where you can turn them for better balancing purposes only.

As always, this is another Warcraft figure that kept to it's standards for many fans and collectors to assume.

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