Thursday, May 14, 2015

Smurf a Priest? Zabra Hexx is here to help !

Do you smurf a priest?

Warcraft have many priest and Zabra Hexx may be able to help Gargamel on his smurf hunt.

Sorry...wrong priest in the smurf world.

But Zabra Hexx is indeed a priest in the World of Warcraft and whether how good he is, I will not be able to answer you here. For here, he shall display his best for his details and paint job, sculpt.

Zabra Hexx is blue and the outfit which he is wearing is majestic with high shoulder design to show his status. Injecting a sense of fear with the tribal hunted heads and bottles of potion hanging from his belt while carrying a Egyptian style staff to carry out his rituals.

Striking a great pose, you can forgive the lack of articulations for you to tweak around.

For amongst the Warcraft Priest, Zabra Hexx is one not to be missed!

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