Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Movies Screen : PACIFIC RIM

This movie has been off the silver screen for months now and the reason why I post it is that the toys are still gaining on the collectors. I think I should give some credits to this monster movie and give you another KAIJU time !

Cool giant robots and hideous monsters (Kaiju) with end of the world threat. What a typical story background but we never got sick of such fantasy. Putting these three elements together is like dropping an atomic bomb on the silver screen. Either you are overwhelm or you go cool...

The last time I saw a Japanese re-enactment of Kaiju into Hollywood blockbuster is Godzilla and now we have many many monsters that resembles of the Kaiju we saw in Japanese Ultraman.

For these Hollywood made Kaiju, they replicate after animals which we can easily relate to and they are awesome and beautiful from the screen.

The robots known as Jaeger remind me of a bigger version of Real Steel and still kicking fresh in my mind. They are piloted by humans and you need two to sustain and control a Jaeger. It is kind of a hazardous and dangerous job to do.

So what do you have to lose since you will be getting a movie with three awesome ingredients.


  1. I enjoyed this one when i saw it just too bad i could not get my wife in on the action.