Friday, January 24, 2014

Toy Viewing : SolarLord


 SolarLord, a comic character created by Khoo Fuk Lung from Hong Kong and launched the first issue in March 1999, published by image comics and the action figure is designed by d-boys which follows on by end of the decade.

SolarLord and DragonMan are two main characters produced by d-boys.

Little has been known about them in the figure realm amongst collectors and I have only seen them back in the streets twice about a decade ago. The usual collector regrets when you just did not buy them and they linger at the back of your mind while every now and then you will try to look for them.

Somehow or rather, as patience always pays off for collecting, they finally shows up in an opportunity buy for me to grab.

I shall do my part as much to get them exposed in Daily Toyz and hopefully more will be able to know more about them and appreciate their designs.

First come Solarlord who is a metallic version. A variant which you may call. He stands at 8 inches tall and basic 90's articulation of 12. All joints are basic hinge type and are loose on mine. However, he is poseable and stands reasonable well for quite a big figure like him.

The sculpt on him is detail and pairing up with an excellent paint wash over from head to toe, he is by no means any less impressive even for today's standard.

If you like details and great sculpting for your figures coupled with fantasy, you can consider adding him to your collection.

There is a regular version and this metallic version. If I am able to get the regular ones, I will try to show it to you. Meantime, stay tuned.

He only comes with a big sword and have details on its handle and it is pretty hard plastic which is good. But be careful not to break it.

His chest features an sculpted emblem and Solar symbol

His back has a sculpted spinal code.

The boots are also impressively detailed although he does not have any ankle articulations.

For Size, he is about 8 inches tall and is considerable big in his league. You can see a size comparison to the Neca Predator.


  1. Wow this figure is very cool and with some detail i rather like it.

    1. He is cool. He is looking more like a Lion-O to me now. Haha.