Sunday, January 19, 2014

Collection Exposed : Ghostbusters ECTO-1 HotWheels Elite

In the year of the 80's, Ghostbusters were in town terrorizing the ghosts and times were great back then with the siren of ECTO-1 zooming around town to nail down the usual suspects.

You just cannot deny the response of ECTO-1. He is one Iconic ride amongst the other famous movies.

In the first decade of the new century, Hotwheels relive the vibe of ECTO-1 and gave us the die-cast version.

With all details and equipments of what Ghostbusters have put into it, this ECTO-1 is one ride you cannot look away. Toy being toy, there are some downsides which is pretty sad. One thing, I got pissed off is it's cheap plastic windows they put in. It is not even a hard clear plastics and they are like those hard films that we used for stationery.

With all the details in and out, they have smashed it with the cheap windows. This ride ain't come cheap and you just have to weigh it down yourself if you decide to get it.

 This 1959 Cadillac ambulance was well decorated with the Ghostbusters equipment sets inside and even comes with a trolley that can store the proton packs. All doors and hood open with engine inside showing tubes connection.

Chrome front grills and rims makes this classic ride a sweet mobile.