Monday, January 13, 2014

What's the Catch : Battle Damaged Predator

Recent claim over my predators craze, he is a much worth while difference to add into my clan since we are getting a number of classic predators by Neca. This version shows the battle damaged mainly on his damaged mask exposing his left eye and exposing some of his head coupled with some scratch marks after the fight. Needless to say, some green blood to go along.

If you ever had the Classic Predator, basically, its the head and the blood splash that differs from the original.

As a classic representation of Predator, he is indeed very well sculpted by Neca and we are seeing waves of Predators coming out to entice us and draw our blood money out.

With so many Predators to choose from, I have decided to collect mainly the masked Predators which make up their main uniqueness and give them a sense of individuality.

He is just one of the few Predators who join into my clan.

You may also see a video review by Review Spot - Neca Battle Damaged Predator



  1. This is the one NECA Predator I want to have.

    1. You got to have it to know it. Good luck to your hunt. :)