Thursday, January 16, 2014

Movies Screen : RoboCop 2014

 Coming soon to the silver screen is another remake of Robocop.

This film is one of my childhood wonders and the eye opener to the world of the future, just like in the "Back to the Future". A cyborg police ! He is so cool even when he is the original model.

For this new Robocop, as some have commented that his suit is a crossover of Dark Knight and Iron Man, I still have to watch the movie to see how different and good it is.

The movie has kept the Cop name as Alex Murphy and also has a family but now in 2014, he is critically injured in a car bomb while in the 1987 movie, he is killed by a group of notorious gangster in the line of duty. Back then , he has a female partner who eventually helped him to regained his memory.

The company that creates Robocop in 2014 movie is called OmniCorp while in 1987 it is named as Omni Consumer Products (OCP).

He still has that side gun hidden at his thigh and now he rides a bike. He does looks more flexible compared to his 1987 counterpart, who is more bulkier. How can you not have ED-209 which is the "arch-enemy" of RoboCop. He too has some edition which makes him slicker than before.

Well, we shall see how cool the movie really is.

1987 Robocop for your reminiscence


  1. Am going to wait to this one comes to the small screen to watch but i keep think i might pick up one of the action figures once they drop in price.

    1. I have not seen the figures over here yet. Got to check them out.