Monday, January 13, 2014

What's the Catch : NightStorm Predator (Neca Series 10)

The NightStorm Predator !!!

From the Neca series 10 which inspired by Kenner Predator lines, Neca has donned the package design of the Kenner era and upgrade the Predators.

Though he is not a total new mold which due to economy of scale, it does make sense for NECA to re-use their Berserker Predator and touch up with the existing armor. Every predator is yearning for a removable mask to be released and coupled with a new staff, he is one awesome Predator to rule.

For this series 10, I have been contemplating whether to get all the three figures of the series but finally settled only with the Nightstorm as he is the first and only predator that comes with removable helmet plus a touch of Egyptian design. The blue body paint coat and coupled with gold armor does makes him pops out from the usual Predators.

Another sweet addition to my predator's clan. Any comments are welcome. Good Day !

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