Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flashback to the 70's - Star Wars

While I was digging into my pile of treasure toys, which sadly have been left forgotten and wrap up just like most collectors, I was suddenly drawn into a worm hole and spiral down into the year 1977.

What happen in 1977?

This is the era when Star Wars jam right into the silver screen and movie toys begin to set foot.

I am not a big Star Wars toy fan except for some vehicles, but I have a pair of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper manufactured in 1977. These are the old school figures back then and by today's standard, they are nerdy in their movements due to the very limited articulations.

Well, though mine may not be the super collectors edition and condition, they just bring back memories of how I got them 10 years back. They must have passed on a few hands before landed on me.

Unfortunately, Darth is missing his light saber that is attached to his arm. Stormtrooper still bear a 011 mark at his back and have manage to change into a Two Face sidekick as his front has tanned more than the back. Probably the years of battle in the dune.

It is always nostalgic to see old toys which tells a story behind even though they are not perfect and mint anymore. I think this just add value to them in a personal way.

 Darth Vader without cape

Darth Vader posing with cape

Storm in surrender mode

Made in Hong Kong dated 1977

A side split by Stormtrooper with Darth Vader


  1. I had these two so many years ago. : )

  2. Do you still remember where you left them? Haha. Mine just managed to get out of the deep packs of toys. Now they see light again. :)