Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hey ! Tom. Go Carting?

I got myself a vintage 1970's Corgi Junior Tom Go Cart die cast toy through an auction but condition is pretty done but the decals are still visible. It has seen it's days of fun.

Since it is pretty reasonably priced, I think it is fine to own a piece of vintage iconic Tom & Jerry die cast cars.

Tom improvised himself with a rubbish bin cover as a helmet and his Go cart is fronted with a rubbish bin. Sitting slouch back, he tries to fire at Jerry along the race and he is packed with some serious firepower at the back. Watch out for this Tom Cat !!!


  1. This is just wonderful! I really like it.

  2. I love it too. It's so old school. Tom is one of the big time stars during my childhood cartoons. The used condition shows a lot of character for the toy and this is what a toy supposed to be. Worn scratched, and most important - Played. Haha.