Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's the Catch? : Marvel Legends Craze

Lately, I have been slowly poisoned by a Marvel Craze where I have been searching high and low for Marvel legends figures whether it is from the previous Toybiz collections or current Hasbro wave.

Maybe, the reviews are working on me. It just shows how great toy reviews can work wonders on influencing collectors. But they do gave me an in depth view of the toys before I decide to get them. I just cannot go around buying and regret later. Maybe, I should do a video someday, got to get a video cam first.

Well, there are some figures which I have trying to hold back for years and with the current wave of some figures getting better, time to re-evaluate to scrutinize some good purchases. Somebody stop me !

And well, here goes while toys are piling up waiting for pictures and posting.

 Mystique is one figure which I wanted since she is out but she just don't worth the price point here. She got wonderful face sculpt and hair which hinders head movement. A plenty of weapons for only 2 hands and 1 holster. She is by far the second Mystique I have since the X Men movie version and a great improvement for Hasbro Marvel Legends.  Since Mystique is good on hand combat, she is more stunning on this pose.

 Pile Driver and one thing I realized is that they do not indicate the name boldly on the packaging. Frankly, I bought him for his size and he is the biggest of the 6 inches done by Hasbro ML so far. You cannot go wrong with big figures and great sculpting cum paint work is sharp enough. Now their marketing scam is putting Thunderball ( the character in green) as a "variant" figure and limiting by random packing. So collectors got to run hunting paying for hefty secondary market price.

Hope Summers, who is she? I don't even know her until I read in the internet. I am not into comics so no idea for me. Now they start to come out more characters and this is great for serious collectors out there. I bought her as she looks good. She is one of the few Marvel Legends female figures that have looks and well painted. Remember Jean Grey from the ML Blob series (you can recap in one of my posts), she is one good example of a beautiful woman go wrong on figure. She is way off and looks like a man. If you like pretty figures, here is Hope Summers !!!

Oh, Punisher. This is my first Punisher figure and I choose him over the many variations done before and after. He is the one which fits in my collection. The latest Punisher by Hasbro looks cool too but looking at the accessories from this Punisher, it is a no brainer choice.

Long has I elude this Cyclops figure from Toybiz but after numerous reviews, I finally succumb to him. He is to date, the Cyclops I want to have apart from the variant X. The paint job and facial expression is so human. Hasbro still got a arm and leg to catch up with what Toybiz have done. Let us se how the next Cyclops looks then. Meantime, this is Cyclops !


  1. Marvel Legends can be great but also not so great but I always look at them with interest when I come across them.

  2. Yes, they have both high and low points. One of the highly articulated action figures around.

  3. The best action figure Punisher there is- is by Toy Biz. Love that figure. I tend to pick and choose only the good ones from Hasbro and Toy Biz. Never in my toy collecting hobby have I completed an entire "Series" or "Wave".

  4. Yes, that is the only punisher I wanted. Be selective to your own standards. No point buying to complete with figures which you do not even like.