Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vintage Pencil Sharpener - Toy?

Back in the old days, we used pencils in our everyday life and sharpener is a tool which needs to get it going. I have a couple of vintage sharpener which can double up as a toy for a kid. A 2 in 1 combo for a kid to study and play. This is where fun never ceases to innovate in its ways.

Imprinted with a Simplex word and I guess this should be the company producing it.

This die-cast horse carriage is very well-detailed and looks like a Cinderella Carriage too.

The jeep have four rolling wheels and the steering can turn but not turning the wheel. The sharpener is hidden at the back.

I wonder if these will take up time for your studies or an excuse to sharpen more pencils.


  1. Yes, we can look back at how toys can be smuggle into the classrooms too.