Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Collection Exposed : Street Fighters (Resaurus)

Over the years of collecting and most of my toys do not have the opportunity to be put up on the shelves to display. I believe most collectors share the same sorrows of leaving our toys in packages and buried in boxes. As time passes, they get forgotten by.....YOU!

Do you remember ever buying them? Or worst, you bought another piece and later realized that you already had it.

If you have ever experience any of the above, you are LOST! Your toys are more than enough to bury you.

So to keep myself or yourself sane in our purchase and continue to keep them in glory. One way is to showcase them out in the cybernetic world......

So today, I shall share my favorite set of Street fighters from Resaurus, which I still prefer them over other makers except for 2 pieces from NECA. They are from Player 1 which came in good sizes and solid bulk, quite heavy.

This set is recollected as I have sold my very first set. It took me years to reclaim what I lost. However, still missing a few pieces. Lesson is, before you sell them, think twice, thrice and whatever times, you need, before you regret.

And here they are........

Note : Pictures of Street fighters figures are copyrighted by jimho pictures

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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about, My toys are definitely burying me.I have in the past bought things that I know I already own but haven't been able find in a long time so its easier to just buy a new one then to dig through the mountains of stuff and find the old one. I was a fan of Resaurus stuff like these figures and The Tenth figures.