Saturday, March 24, 2012

Portraits of Toyz : She Ra, Princess of Power

She Ra, Princess of Power.

Do you know her? If you do, you will know that she is the sister of Prince Adam.

Oh who is Prince Adam? He is He-Man, a more famous personality.

Like He-Man, Adora wields the Sword of Protection and transform herself into She-Ra.

Actually, both tried hard to hide their Man power or Girl power by playing foolish. Anyway, everybody can tell they are He-Man and She-Ra except themselves.

Talking about my portrait of She Ra, I have to travel to the planet of Ethernia and gain special entry to the palace to propose my intention of private portrait session with the princess.

Posing in her natural innocence of beauty and hopefully my pictures play justice to her shyness hidden in strength. Here she is in spotlight.

Note : Pictures of She Ra is copyrighted by jimho.

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