Saturday, March 17, 2012

Collection Exposed : Violator Chopper -- McFarlane

Violator Chopper from McFarlane, an old school toy and one hell of a detail falls into this hell chopper. Where would you get another comic chopper now with the escalating cost of plastics and inflation, driving down the sizes of toys, yet pricing higher.

In my opinion, another chopper which can match this bugger will be the GhostRider bike set, which is produced like 5 years back for the 1st Movie.

Anyway, here is another collection exposed.

Comes with bendable Violator. How many vehicles you bought comes with action figure. Usually it states...action figures sold separately. This bike is sized up big.

Box Art is great with both comic and actual picture of the ride.


  1. wow it has been years since I saw this Spawn toys. THe earlier years of mcfarlance.

    1. Such toys are considered "old school" now. Sad to say, toys like these are bygones.....

      Will post another earlier toy soon. Watch out!