Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bane of Arkham City

With the all popular Arkham City game, DC Direct chases on with design of Bane from the game and gave us a very awesome piece of action figure.

In the early series, we have been treated with a knee bent Bane in a very impressive sculpting but many has complained about his fixed leg position and hinder his pose.

Now, in the Arkham City Bane who came in a 2 pack with Batman, he is fully articulated for his legs and treated with equally massive oversize top heavy body and arms. I would say he is indeed a hefty piece of action figure with great sculpting.

The only gripe that many has commented is the red tubing which Bane usually have green tubing as in the prior series. But with the adaptation from the game, he is very much accurate in this sense and if you already have the Arkham Asylum Bane, adding this will be a variety to your collection.

In the 2 pack, Bane is definitely the star in the pack and putting Batman in shadow. Not because Batman is not good enough but we just have too many Batman to go along and this Batman is not totally new sculpting.

The body has sculpted veins and metal studs implanted onto his body to plug in the tubes and the pale body tone is added with purplish rash to show some bruising affected by the metal studs implant. Pretty cool details on the color and sculpt.

The back pack is glued on and it is not removable. The paint is well done and some metal texture is also observed with some old metal wash effect.

He has quite a considerable amount of articulations adding up to 18 but the waist part is too tight and it seems stuck for my case. Since it has a cut at the waist line, I believe it can be articulated.

The whole figure is very top heavy and weighs about 920g, standing at 9 and 1/4 inches tall with width from arm to arm measuring slightly above 7 inches. That is quite a massive hefty figure you getting here with no savings on weight itself.

Overall, a great figure if you missed the first version or you are a collector. I would say he does not disappoint. 

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  1. Mine falls over all the time and I worry about him breaking other toys in my Bane Display.

    1. Least he does not cost any other serious damage. Well, time to move him to a lower level man.

  2. This dude is crazy big and looks awesome.

    1. Indeed, very cool and awesome. Real heavy enough to make an impact ! lol