Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's the Catch? : Animated Megatron (Leader Class)

Transformers in animation. Never did I imagine myself befriending the Animated series, which I used to see them as crude designs.

However, chance upon a time when I was introduced to Animated Megatron......and started to take notice of him. A real bad ass indeed and very well design as the cartoon.

Together with Leader Class Megatron, I also gotten the Supreme Animated Prime - Roll Out Command. In many reviews, this is a failure to most fans. In my opinion, Yes, he does look a kiddy toy but he is huge and he is licensed to Tomy. No wonder, a more kiddy friendly version.

OK, back to Megatron, I would think he is one of the best out of all animated. Sound and amazing helicopter mode. But bad side is some bad paint jobs here and there.

Nevertheless, get him if you are selective just like me. Will inttroduce the other few animated transformers which interest me as we go along. Just have to be selective to my taste.

For now, It's Megatron time!!!

Note: Megatron picures are copyrighted by jimho

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