Monday, November 10, 2014

Iron Maiden....The Final Frontier

What is into heavy metal hard rock?

How about mixing Heavy Metal, action figures and Halloween into One ?

You get Iron Maiden... The Final Frontier Cover Art featured Alien creature materialized into action figure by NECA !

Apart from some of my music figures collection, this is one action figure which I can fit him into Space Aliens or Monsters more than a music character.

This is a one cool sculpted figure exemplify from the cover art with a skeletal based framework with a touch of an Alien monster head sculpt that splits part of it's internal martian type brain juice. The back skeletal spine of the figure are very much accurately shown in the video as well. Sweet !

Apart from being scary and colorful figure, which may not be a cup of tea for some collectors, he is a unique figure to get even if you are not an Iron Maiden fan. As I said, he is versatile by costarring as an Alien Monster to add to your monster squad or part-timing during Halloween period for a scare trick. A hardworking value added action figure, you must say. Gets your money's worth !

Well, let's rock on with a little intro from the courtesy of Iron Maiden Final Frontier official video for a kick-ass space adventure before you make your judgement call.


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  1. His a neat looking figure and didn't they do others from other Albums too?

    1. Yes they did but this is the only figure which I like for it's sculpt and versatility. You can mix him up with other themes in the collection.