Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Toy Release : Dark Of The Moon Leader Ironhide

Dark of the Moon Leader Class Ironhide is out officially.

Local appearance may have to wait and keep a lookout for its arrival.

He looks great and detail in picture below. Its a leader class size!!!


(below information is updated on 18th Aug 2011)
I am upgrading the information for this set as there are rising concerns on it's head which by default, it cannot turn. There are no two versions of leader Class Ironhide in the market which I thought there is since the review videos all show positive head turning. This has misled all buyers.

Claimed by other forums, fans observed by forcing it's head to turn, the glue deters the movement breaks away. Most of them are suscessful after sufferring from a loud break sound that they commented and thought it is broken. However, it frees up the head movement. There you go, head turns.....

Note; Do it at your own risks.

I also included a video updated by fans on the removal of the mask below.

Here is a video review of Ironhide

How to remove Iornhide's mask.

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