Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flashback : Centurions - Power Extreme

Today, I give you a flashback to the 80's where cartoons are flooding the TV programs and kids are always treated with good pure cartoons. Basic heroes vs villians like He-Man, Mask, Transformers, Centurions and many others.

From the Power Extreme, Centurions. 3 modes of defence and attack in Air, Land and Sea are Ace McCloud, Jake RockWell and Max Rey respectively rules and fight against the evil doers. (Dr Terror and Hacker).

These action figures are packed with lots of snapped on vehicles and armourment which makes them invincible in each arena. Interesting ideas of the 80's toys where you rarely see in tys nowadays.

Toys of these are currently are pretty hyped up. Prices soared for even an incomplete loose figure. Since the cartoon has died out, its only the die hard fans of yester years and maybe some after 90's new kid on the block will know who they are now. So market is getting niche.

Here are some of my personal portraits of them. Unfortunately, I do not have Dr Terror in possession.

Max Rey

Ace McCloud

Jake RockWell


Updated 9th Sept 2011: Dr Terror Portrait extracted from "Toy Viewing: Dr Terror " post.

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

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