Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toy Viewing : ShockWave of DOTM

This is my first DOTM item I picked up, considering the opportunity costs arises in the situation. A discount!. Not fantastic but I see Shockwave as one of the best in its class.

I am not doing a full review as you can find them in other sources. I just picture out ShockWave generally for you to admire.

Realized Hasbro has started to improvise paper based twisties (not the titbits) for the toys rather than the usual plastic secures which makes it easier for consumers to release the menace in the box and probably a cost down or even a so called "Green Act" policy. Which ever the case, it is a good job. You do not have to struggle with the twisties and best of all, you will not get cheated of used toys being re-strung back and sell as new.

Why? the paper based twisties are not as reuseable as the plastic counterparts.

Paper twisties for easy access.

Next, we shall see ShockWave.......

Box Art front

Box Art back - The toy is not even blue as in the picture.

Background card 

Shockwave chest - Slight shine on skeletal chest 

Back view

Side view - No body bulk and yet skeletal

Side view

Weapons layout - Mechtech

Blaster closeup

Vehicle Mode side view

Basically, this toy possess a close feel and likeness to the movie itself. Only set back is that it is "thin"  on it's side. Making it less solid and on a fragile side. Design wise is great but I think it is marketed slightly over priced for its size and quality. Somehow, I feel quality has dropped accordingly.

Nevertheless, Shockwave has some significance in the movie and he is one of the best in this class of DOTM line.

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

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