Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Toy Release : NECA 19" Predator

NECA who specializes in creating highly detailed action figures inspired from Movies are back again this year to "punish" you with their new 19" Predator.

"Punish" as in they not only create one Predator to satisfy your desire but THREE. And on top of that, NECA did all these three figures with the only difference in its head sculpt. Eventually, their intention is to punish your pockets dry with minimum design changes and production implications in their product and yet get to market and sell you 3 figures with only a head sculpt change.

So how deep the degree you are willing to let them "punish" your pockets? You decide. One piece has set about USD 79.90. However, by the time it travel to here, prices has already went bonkers in specialized toy shops.

But NECA did a really good job to get the BANG out of the fans and consumers alike. They have gotten their way this time to rival against the more expensive and detail Hot Toys competitor. In economical sense, with such great details on the 19" figure and comparably much lower price than the other toy. What do you think?

As for the figure, there are immerse details for this guy and for the first time, I guess, the dreadlocks on their head are each individually moulded and separated. You don't get to see such good details in their past big scale figures.

Over here I have a video review of the Open Mouth Predator for you to judge.

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