Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ART : Elephant Mask

Hello hello, first day of June. Five months gone and we are in the middle of the year. Pivoting and wandering what is left for the remaining months in 2011?

If you have a thought of this, you are sane enough to know you are living time and not letting time go pass without knowing what you have done. Its not what you did or how much you do, but do you know how your time is spent for the last 5 months? If you do, then you are spending time in sanity. Let's not dwell into what success stories you have, it is pure knowing about you knowing your time went by. Just like looking at the clock with the seconds ticking by.

Never too late to realize and do not regret if its late. Move forward and experience life in oneness with people around us.

As I mentioned, toys are anything which brings joy and fun, something you enjoy. So this is another column which I am introducing...ART.

Today, I am introducing the Art pieces which I collected during my travel, which I believes most people will pick up some souvenirs before you return home.

For me, it is finding some decoration piece for my wall or collectible pieces of culture.

If you been to Nepal, you will know, masks carved from wood can be seen everywhere and commonly, they are inspired by the religion.

As Nepal has a rich mix culture of Hindu and Buddhist (which mainly influenced from Tibet), we can see Art influences in this area.

Mask inspired by Hindu God, Ganesh, can be widely seen through the Thamel area and even in Pokhara. All old and new masks of various sizes are available for you to choose but different mask has different facial form depending on the carver. You can observed the carving intricacy level put in by the carver and the heart they used when they carve.

If the carver uses his heart, the form of the mask of likeliness and softness can be expressed in the mask they produced.

Most Ganesh mask are typical Hindu design, but I prefer one which is more elephant like rather than God like mask which I can hang and admire on my wall. It alos reminds me of the elephant I rode in Chitwan National Park. It gives me a connection with my mask and my experience in Chitwan. Wonderful isnt it.

This is one piece which I managed to find. This will be the only piece even if there is a second piece which the facial form will not be the same.

So choose your mask wisely and feel it. Most importantly, you like it and feel comfortable with it.

My first mask inspired by Elephant with decorations carved like a royal ride.

1. Side view 

2. Top front view

3. Left side view

4. Eyes and patern carved at the side of Ear.

5. Crest carving on side of head dressing

6. Carving of drapes on the forehead

7. Golden ball held in trunk

8. Tusks with washed out painting

9. Om or Aum sign 

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