Monday, July 9, 2012

Toy Viewing : Ultima Online Juggernaut of Lord Blackthorn

Juggernaut, not from Marvel but from the game, Ultima Online........

Again, I do not play the game and I do not know who is he and what are his capabilities. All I know is........he is cool bad *** toy to have.

Created by McFarlane, which is known for details for action figures. Need no introduction.

Do not ask me about its origins, I have no idea.

Detailing of mechanical parts and wires combine with rusty paint job and punch in a big rubber wheel.

He does not balance upright but can only do it with the support of his right mechanical arm. Look at the his structure, you may figure out why?

Head sculpt looks similar to a Spawn head version.

He is a Juggernaut huge for a 6 inch figure and fits my taste as I like big figures too.

He may be a bad cousin of Wall-E. Just rolling about killing rather than stacking waste.

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