Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Optimus Prime ( NightWatch )

Transformer 3 Movie is coming up on 30 June. Dark of the Moon. Actions, robots, war and babe running around. Actions...!

However, over here I have brought back Optimus in NightWatch from the 1st Movie toy line.

Its from hasbro and this colour version is not like the movie, but its cool.

You got lights and transforming sounds rather than the words which the original colour scheme Prime has.

Nevertheless, if you are a transformer collector, you sure know this one. If not, it's a freshie to you.

So here are NightWatch Prime's portraits which I took of him. Enjoy......

1. Prime frontal shot

2. Prime full body shot

3. Prime showing off his Big Gun 

4. Prime back shot

5. Prime picture from top

6. Prime lower angle shot showing his mighty height and leg.

7. You know who this yellow speed machine is. right? I picture this as a partner in action where Prime is in full robot mode and huge as he should be, while Bee race in front of him.

All pictures are copyrighted by jimho. Requests for higher resolution pictures are welcome.

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  1. Awesome pics!Im happy with my Fireburst DOTM voyager Prime but I think Id like a bigger one or just a bunch of smaller ones.Undecided.