Thursday, March 5, 2015

Who needs a Laugh? Here comes the Joker !


The man who loves to laugh makes his debut by giving you the time to explode your smile....

This is Laughing Gas Joker in 1997 during the Legends of Batman when he hides his disguise of time bomb for laughing gas in his oversize suit, waiting for the opportune time to expose himself with his gas canisters.

What an effort to make a big laugh !

Seen in the last days of Kenner, these figures are the biggest scale in the Batman line then and are spotting details to fight back in the challenging market.

However, we still gets the play gimmick of exploding Joker suit by the press of a button to expose his true self. Even with his suit on, you can still move his arms holding his gun, which means he only have 3 points of articulations including his head rotation.

As in the signature of Kenner days introducing play value for action figures, we are getting less of such features now as kids no longer play with toys while leaving adults to appreciate them.

Besides a gun, you get an evil Joker minion with a sinister smile and he does looks like some evil poker card coming out of Alice Wonderland. A nice addition with zero articulation.

Overall, he is a unique Joker that will never be duplicate in the future.

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