Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Feet turns Ugly....Penguin of Batman lurks on!

Before Happy Feet, there was Penguin and he aren't very happy with his life and turns into the leader of the penguin pack commanding them against Batman. Somehow the bat taste better than the fish for this Penguin.

I am still continuing my Legends of Batman series of villains in this round and I just have to reintroduce these guys back on the center stage to appraise for their legendary designs which have been long forgotten by many.

Already in 1997, we are given a good standard of collectible action figures which paved the way for all current figures we have now. The competition is as high as today where toy companies fought hard to win over both kids and the growing adult collectors where they need to meet both ends unlike now where the difference are already defined in some areas of toys.

The Penguin which I got was in used lose condition but complete with accessories and comes with bit of age weathering that I termed as nature's paint works.

Although you cannot really posed Penguin as his legs are on fixed position, you can use his 3 limited articulations to render him around.

He wears a full crow sculpted coat matching with his umbrella top and topping off with his signature tall hat and walking stick. The crow covered design looks like the crows covered him in total to form the coat. Impressively, you may imagine the crows can transform his coat back by flying out and back to form the coat again.

Even the walking stick is not spared with details which can be installed with the umbrella top for him to take out some sunshine.

The umbrella top can also be snapped onto his back for storage or act as a shield which we used to do that for Captain America figures from Marvel Legends.

An impressive face sculpt showing his grin and pointy nose job while not forgetting his penguin-like fingers sculpted on his left hand.

Even when we have the newer Penguin from DCDirect, this Penguin does not disappoint even until today or maybe days beyond.

For a happy feet time, give yourself a snappy try.

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