Saturday, March 21, 2015

The destructible Killer Croc - DcDirect


 Batman Arkham series of action figures have been going on by DcDirect. With the launching of larger scale figures such as Killer Croc and follows on to Titan Joker, Solomon Grundy and the upcoming Clayface, they all features great sculpting and carries weight with them. Solid !

The Killer Croc in particular is one well-sculpted action figure and I still prefer this Croc over the Origins version.

Many have reviewed this figure and you probably can find tons of photos of him in the website and he got a bad reputation for his quality. Sighted and experienced by many collectors to having broken parts falling from him such as arms or legs. This is very disappointing as he is a very good detail figure to add to your collection.

As he is not priced cheap, it is really a headache for many to weigh him out of collection.

Nevertheless, we can still admire him for his good points.
I have safely removed him from the package and he has very stiff joints for his arms and elbows which I do not want to break him out so I decided to let him have this fixed position. I am unable to pose him except for his head and feet which are practically useful for any serious posing.

But I just have to contemplate with this as he is such a good sculpt to have.

As my Killer Croc's chains have rusted in the package, I kind of like it as it gives him a realistic feel since he should be crawling around the sewage judging from his mud stains splashed on his pants.

The jaws closed perfectly together and the scaling at his back and body looks very crocodile-like.

With him pairing up with Bane, he does makes a good cell-mate as both still don their jail pants in orange.

As he stands close to 10 inches with unstable feet to support his weigh, be sure to have secured if you do not want him to be a humpty dumpty falling and make all the kings' men trying to put him together again.

Overall, a risky buy but if you ever get one that is in good shape, try not to push him too much on the joints for he may break down.

Good luck! He is just a little fragile crocodile.......

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