Monday, March 2, 2015

The Barbarian....Origins of Diablo

March is here and calls for the end of my holidays in Chinese Lunar New Year. I still have many wonderful picks that stacks up for your viewing.

Following my last post on the Diablo, Lord of Terror, I have the Barbarian who is also from the same series.

These figures are very much neglected and forgotten by many as time flies and they have existed since year 2000.

The figure will not be appreciated if I have not taken him out to examine the details since he looks a bit on a smaller size. However, he is still packed with details that amazes me. With a limited articulations and fixated stance, he is still stand at about 5 inches and you really cannot do much on his posing. Articulated only on neck, shoulders, waist, hips, forearms and ponytail which accounted for a total of 9.

The highlight of him shall be his detail face sculpt, muscles, clothing and armor accompanied by details on his 4 weapons (Shield, sword, axe and knife).

His expressions and details crafted makes this figure an awesome treat, if you can get hold of him and release him from the plastic cell.

See if you have some luck getting him and try not to over pay for him.

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  1. He's a brute no doubt and I like him.

    1. Every inch of brutality. Hopefully I can get the Unraveller to complete.