Sunday, March 9, 2014

Toy Viewing : JLA #Superman

 With so many Superman figures around in the market, I am always looking for a iconic figure After looking through many versions from DC Direct, I finally set upon this Superman from the JLA series 1 Superman.

With an interchangeable hand and base to stand on, he also comes with an American flag.That's cool to have too.

As a figure created in 2003, his articulations are still decent except that he does not turn his waist. His joints on mine are pretty loose especially his wrists, elbow and knees. These are presumably a common problem for early DC Direct figures as my first Superman is also having same issues.

The drape part on his cape is nicely sculpted but the "S" symbol is not painted red. Why?

The overall physic of him is very muscularly build as a 6 inch Superman should be and his head sculpt reveals a pleasant expression coupled with his iconic front curvy fringe.

After all, who can miss a man in red underwear flying around !

Package for Reference

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