Saturday, March 22, 2014

Toy Viewing : Elder Predator - Leader of the Pack

From the infamous movie franchise, Alien vs Predator, we have seen these reptilian alien-like Predator gotten a huge reputation for being a great hunter.

Predator line of figures have been pouring in since the early days of Kenner toys and now is Neca period.

Prior to the success of Neca, Mcfarlane has claimed the throne of these figures for many years and the Elder Predator is one that still have some power even til this date.

I do not have the latest Neca Elder Predator to compare but seeing this classic figure produced earlier do have some details and glory which is unmatched.

The exaggerated long blades and short blade on his leg are very detailed and observed an alien inspired design.

He armor and sculpted shoulder pads coupled with the cape brings on an awe of a king.

While his head sculpt and articulations are a total lose out to today's standard, the overall appeal still stands out amongst the predators.

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