Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Flashback : Egyptian CatWoman

From the Legends of Batman brought back by Kenner through the history of the Egyptian era, we are transported back to the Pharaohs reign where CatWoman became the mighty Tyrant Pharaoh to rule and put all to slavery.

The history of this figure is dated only at 1995 which is gives us about 19 years to date.

Being Kenner figure, CatWoman is simply articulated with 6 points and presented with a stature like stunt who wields the power of her Claw staff complete with her Cat Pharaoh headgear and articulated tail.

Upon removing her headgear, she still wears a kitty head dress with a cat imprinted on the forehead. This is also observed on her belt. It is great to see such tiny details where we always overlook and take for granted.

She has claws on both hands and feet who is ready for a fight anytime. Total outfit is very Egyptian fashion.

This is no Hello......Kitty you want to mess with and only one man can bring her down the throne. We shall see...

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  1. Very well done and this line of Bat figures i always thought was nest.

    1. Thanks. This is indeed an interesting line of the Kenner Bats

  2. That LotDK line had a lot of interesting figures.

    1. Yes, I still have the Egyptian Batman and the Pirates 2 pack Batman and Two-Face to go along.