Monday, March 17, 2014

Flashback : Egyptian #Batman

Lining up from my last post on Egyptian Catwoman , I had to complete this set with the Egyptian Batman since they came in a duo pack.

A great 90's representation of Batman figures which we used to see and you will probably never see such toys being made now or the future.

Having said that, you will see Batman have a few accessories with him.

1) Removable Egyptian Headgear
2) Removable Cape
3) Egyptian style Bat Staff

As for pose-ability, he is in an almost fixated stance where he looks in complete battle when you hook him up with catwoman.

The details are still very visibly in place for such a 5 inch tall figure like him.

I personally like the stance he is in and well, you just have to accept his lack of articulations. If he has a swivel wrists then that will be perfect for his grabbing pose while holding his staff to fend off his foe.

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  1. Just super fun figures from this line they remind me a lot the 2002 MOTU figures.

    1. except that they are kind of small compare to MOTU 2000.