Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flashback : Pirate #Batman

It is back to the legends of Batman where we see the incarnation of Batman as a Pirate over here.

Kenner has designed a 2 figure pack for this pirate series where Batman can fight alongside with Two-Face, the hideous Captain.

Both have rotating arms that you can manipulate through the dial at the back of the figures. Interesting play value and a signature fun factor for 90's toys as well.

Standing at 5 inch tall, they are spotting the basic 5 points articulations with limited stance especially for Batman.

However, the fencing stance with his cape design flows along and you can start fencing your enemy off.

#batman #dc #pirate


  1. Love these Legends of the Batman line so very well done.

    1. Yes, still amazed by the details and fun factor they brought about.