Thursday, August 29, 2013

Toy VIewing : DC Universe Mongul

Yet another DC figure from my collection. Lately, I am getting a few good DC characters into my collection and I have to say, they are amazingly detailed and I am impressed with some characters made. One of them is Mongul which I have seen quite a few varieties produced.

However, only one Mongul will do for me and it happens to be this pink Mongul. I am not into this character and seeing a pink Supervillian does have its perks. Fashionably done up and he can join the Barbie party as a bouncer.

As a supervillian, I have no idea why he is in pink. However, he does make an appeal on the overall paint job which is striking with highlights and his metallic blue boots looks cool.

One key attraction shall be his head sculpt, here is an angry stern face with red eyes.

As part of the Sinestro corp, he is given a yellow lantern ring on his left hand.

Basic articulations are there but setbacks such clench fists, loose neck joints, limitations on his waist turn and no wrists articulation, just takes some points off this figure.

Another let down is his emblem on his chest which seems to be missing something.

So here is pinky Mongul on the go for you.


  1. The City Market i go to has a Mongul for sale and it's a big one! I keep thinking it would be a could addition to the collection mix and i do like this character too from his appearances on the Justice League unlimited and Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoons so maybe i might pick one up sometime.

    1. The big one is from infinite crisis line, if I am not wrong. There is another same figure with different colour scheme which you can find. Both of these are more detailed than the big guy. Choose your favorite one.