Friday, August 23, 2013

Toy Viewing : Planet X Batman & Batmite

Batman of Zul-En-Arrh.....comes forth as Planet X Batman in a most impossible costume selection of colors that a dark knight of earth will suit up.

He is bright with red and yellow and taking on his arch enemy, Joker's favorite color of purple for his tattered cape. While the cape is tattered with holes, his main weapon of choice is a baseball bat !!!

This batman is all wrong for the dark crusader whom we all use to know. He now don the same bright outfit like Robin. Who knows how long has he fancy Robin's outrageous color choice for his suit.

To kick in a punch for al these mismatch, we have Batmite as his sidekick. He is one angry pissed off mite.

This is one definite batman that all fans or non-fans should have. He is unique, weird, out of the normal and funny to have. The whole concept is weird to base on to the dark crusader image. That is one figure that should stand out amongst your collection.

His head gear and costume also shows stitches that tell you, the costume is self made and cheap. The Bat symbol is one out of the usual too but I personally like the design.The only advance device he has is the communicating device on his belt. Have you seen a bat holds a "bat"?

With all the colors and fun. Planet X Batman and Batmite is one heck of a mighty team in Zul-En-Arrh (Where is this place???).


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    1. Yes, that is why I like it. Weird and wild. Thanks.