Saturday, December 22, 2012

Toy Viewing : Sentinel the Marvel Legends

Have been waiting for the Sentinel to come knocking on my door and finally, the damage is not hard.

I present you the mighty Sentinel where only the X-Men can stop him on a one to many ratio.

He is noticeable on the details that went into him. For A BAF which Marvel Legends series by ToyBiz, this is one of the best or in fact the best to my context. The later version is more of a dated figure which feature a more plastic toy appeal with electronics to add in.

For this figure, immerse detail and articulation down to the fingers, have yet to be surpassed until now. The paint job itself showing wash and wear are realistically done.

The only concern I have for him is his waist which is kind of wobbly, however, he stand very well since he has large feet and sturdy weight management. Overall, a robust toy but not for abuse.

I would say, go get him if you can locate him without a hole in your pocket as he is kind of pricey now.

I shall show you some details on the arts of Sentinel


  1. Wow what a nicely built figure and the details are good on him.

  2. Yes, simply superb for toys like these.