Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Collection Exposed : Warthog from Halo

Warthog vehicle from Halo (REACH) series from McFarlane.

A huge Anti-Aircraft cross road vehicle which you can roll around. This vehicle seems nostalgic to me as I used to have such similar jeep back in the childhood days made from cheap plastic. The whole vehicle is pretty much feels the same but with a touch of details added to it.

I do not play the game and I know nuts about the game source. But I like vehicles which are well made and they are going for a good price for this Christmas season. I can even get two for price of one on usual market price.

It comes with a Gun Turret that fits at the back of the vehicle. Very cool.

I actually wanted it for my Metal Gear Solid figures but realize the size is meant for 5 inches figures like the Halo. It is still cool to display with the MGS around. Snake posed well besides the Warthog but unable to sit him in. However, Colossus from Marvel Universe of 3.75 inch sits well in the driver seat but standing besides the Warthog makes him a midget.

Some commends even the Halo guys cant sit in well too. Is the scale out for Warthog?

The only feature is the gun turret and it rolls well. That's all. There are no gimmicks for this vehicle, so do not expect wonders. Overall, this is one piece of good toy car to hang around if you are into army stuff, however, I do not think the Joe's is a good proportion to it but they will sit in well like Colossus does since they of the same scale.

I reckon you go get it if they are on good offers at your friendly neighbourhood. Merry Christmas !!!

 Snake posing beside Warthog.

Colossus beside Warthog but a little off the scale.

Colossus driving Warthog and he sits in well and looks menacing. 

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  1. I almost bought this as well but it didn't fit my 3 inch figures.