Monday, August 27, 2012

What's the Catch? : Clive Baker's Tortured Souls - Scythe Meister

Have you seen this figure? This is a 12 inch Scythe Meister from Tortured Souls series created by McFarlane back in year 2000.

He is one of the five figures from the Tortured Souls 12 inch series and they are hideous and frightening. Not for the faint hearted. This is an extreme toy that are not meant for kids.

I guess they are part of the HellRaiser counterparts and I have second thoughts of buying them as they look scary.

Nevertheless, due to the immerse details and artwork on them, I can only took in a few.

Over here, I have the Scythe Meister and comes with its self torturing accessories. Got a mint in dented box and a badly damaged loose figure. Together they join my 18" Inch HellRaiser Pin head party.


  1. This is one line of figures i can say i have no interest in at all.

  2. Yes, personal preference. It has another side of beauty. :)