Friday, August 24, 2012

Collection Exposed : Stalking Superman

Superman from the DC Direct " Through the Ages" and in retro form. Previously, I got hold of Bizarro from the DC Origins two pack figures without the other Superman and this Bizarro particularly cool in his retro costume and colours.

Was looking for the 1st Appearance Superman from the Origins but ended up buying this Superman from the four figure pack. This version is more close to the comic version of the 1st Appearance Superman but I do like to have the other version in the Origins, which is of a darker colour.

Anyway, Superman here is fine except that mine has some weak kneel joints, probably fighting with other toy villians. Some colour blemishes here and there

Some fine details on his boots and both fists are clenched. His eyes are shut and I wonder how he gonna fly.

So here he is, looking cool and proud and squarish !!!


  1. Very cool rendering of the classic Super-Man just looks great.

  2. Very classic. Just love the overall look.